Benefits of NSF Certification


  1. NSF International is a global, independent, public health and safety organization with a mission to protect and improve human health.

  2. Over 200,000 square feet of laboratory space with one of the largest drinking water treatment unit test facilities with the ability to perform full chemical, microbiological and physical testing.

  3. Dedicated staff in North America, Europe and Asia to assist in product certification.

NSF/ANSI 42 - Aesthetic Effects

Designed to reduce taste and odour, chlorine, nominal particulate and chloramine which increases lead level in bloodstream as well as causing respiratory problem such as asthma.

NSF/ANSI 53 - Health Effects

Reduces specific health-related contaminants such as lead, pesticides and cysts which cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea and low grade fever as well as being potentially fatal.

NSF/ANSI 401 - Emerging Contaminants Certification

Tests systems' ability to remove 15 emerging contaminants from drinking water, such as drugs, herbicides, pesticides compounds and other chemical.

P473 - Drinking Water Treatment Units 

PFOA and PFOS are designed to provide an additional barrier of protection against these chemicals and to supplement the treatment of drinking water.

To earn NSF International certification to P473, water treatment systems, including water filters, must undergo extensive testing to confirm that they meet the strict material safety and structural requirements of NSF/ANSI 53, an American National Standard for drinking water treatment units. In accordance with these standards, NSF International verifies that:

  • The contaminant reduction claims for PFOA and PFOS shown on the label are true.
  • The system does not add anything harmful to the water.
  • The system is structurally sound.
  • The product labeling, advertising and literature are not misleading.


MODEL: AQ-4000

MODEL: AQ-5300

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